Alianza en Educación entre Colombia y Reino Unido

¿De que se trata la alianza en educación entre Colombia y Reino Unido?


El pasado 2 de Noviembre tras la visita del presidente Colombiano Juan Manuel Santos al Reino Unido, se firmó la alianza de educación superior entre los dos países. La cual beneficiaría a los estudiantes de ambas nacionalidades. Inicialmente se conoce que los títulos obtenidos de pregrado y posgrado serán reconocidos en ambos países. (más…)

Trump victory spurs global reaction from Educators, Agents and Students

By Sebastian Barrientos.

us-flagDonald J. Trump thwarted the projections of pollsters and analysts late last night with a stunning victory that saw him elected the 45th President of the United States.


In the hours since, world reaction has been pouring in and there is plenty of shock and concern to go around. “The world gasped in collective disbelief on Wednesday following the victory of Trump in the US presidential race, with apprehensive allies seeking to put a brave face on a result they had dreaded and American adversaries exulting in an outcome they see as a potential turning point in global affairs,” said an early item from The Washington Post.